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Christoffer Hald

I'm a 29 year old lad from Copenhagen. I'm an educated graphic designer from DGH and currently working in Denmark at re-public. I live in Malmö, Sweden and love it!

Among my interests are photography, almost any kind of music, belgian ales, flash programming, rts and adventure games, typography, new wave of swedish crime novels, digital hifi, art in general and being nostalgic about my Commodore 64.

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Client list

Here are some of the clients I have been working with, either at re-public, Roll Design Group or as a freelancer:

Bacardi, Martini, Bombay Sapphire, Dunlopillo, SleepDNA, Socialministeriet, Udenrigsministeriet, Inkonst Malmö, Skov & Naturstyrelsen, Cartier, Ortofon, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Undervisningsministeriet, Qubit, Mondosoft, Platon, Copenhagen Consulting Company, Apps People, Dansk Jazz Forbund, Enjoy Living, Kopenhagen Fur, Mandalay Furniture, Print Division, V&S Group, Relate, Wauw Gaming, Vestas Windsystems, Danmarks Eksportråd, Urban, Renault Trucks, Daniamant, Landsbyggefonden, BlackBox, Hartmann, House of Wine, iCater, Randstad, Vejdirektoratet, Vikar Match, Alverdens Mad, Den Sociale Højskole, Ungdommens Røde Kors, Haugen-Gruppen, Inco, System Vikar, Papilot, LCH foodservice, Lions Club, Ticket2travel, Sallingsund Kommune, La Maison, Les Campagnoles and People Group.


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